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Income Disclaimer

Our goal is to help you achieve success in your small or home-based business. To achieve this goal, we offer products, services, resources, and opportunities on this and other related websites we manage.

Any income examples we may use or discuss throughout this or our other websites are for illustration only, and not meant to imply or guarantee that anyone will make similar amounts of money or experience similar results in their business. Individual results will vary depending on the commitment levels and sales and marketing skills of each participant.

When it comes to Affiliate and other Business Opportunities we may engage in or assist in, we reply on the companies we represent to provide necessary and required statements regarding their particular opportunity and/or commission structures. In all cases, it’s important to remember that people who do the best are the ones who take their business seriously and refuse to give up.

Results vary widely, and depend entirely on the individual doing the promoting. A strong work ethic and focusing on sales-producing activities (eg. advertising to attract leads on a regular basis) are essential to success with any income-producing activity.

We are not accountants or attorneys, and we always suggest that you discuss your business goals with your professional advisors. We do not offer any accounting or legal advice regarding your personal decision to participate in any of our products, services, resources, and/or business opportunities.

Naturally, we have no knowledge of your individual business experience or expertise. Perhaps outside of a short phone call, we have never met you or spoken with you at length. And because both success and failure in business comes to people from all walks of life, ages, demographics, and psychographics, we cannot and do not guarantee or imply that you will make any specific amount of money from your use or promotion of our business training products, resources, services, and/or opportunities we may offer to you.

In closing, the resources and opportunities we provide or refer you to should be treated just like any business. It takes commitment, hard work, and persistence to make substantial income. Most people don’t make it long-term and others never make any money is simply because they are not truly committed to their own success.