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in sales, thanks to you!
“TJ, I read your book "How to Make Millions Sitting On Your Ass." I followed the steps like my life depended on it.
I started writing a script and then I
broke it down into pieces. I did a good presentation, which will result in
$50k in sales. All thanks to you.”

Sujit Aditya
is all I can say!
"I never heard your name until this morning, but you and your techniques are definitely on my radar now! I am blown away that you are giving away this high quality work for free... but then again... I’m not complaining! Awesome is all I can say. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is probably worth thousands and thousands of $$$$$."

Mark Ellis
My Privilege
to be associated with you!
“Hi, TJ. It’s my privilege to be
associated with you and your company.
I am looking forward to working
with you in this endeavor.”

Bobie Mills
my learning curve!
"You provide so much insight into the world of copywriting and marketing. Definitely a resource that is shortening my learning curve. Keep up the great work!”

Steve Jenkins
My name is T.J. Rohleder. I'm known as
the Blue Jeans Millionaire. I'm looking
for new Joint Venture Partners

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